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Tax Rebate

Claim at least £300 Tax

​Are you on CIS or just working in the UK part of the year? If the answer is yes, you are likely to entitle a tax refund.

​We charge a flat fee, no commission and no win-no fee basis.

​Why not call us today so we can get back the tax you overpaid

Accounts and Tax

Help you save money

​Are you under investigation by the taxman? Don't worry, we can help. For example we can help you if you think you have paid excess VAT/PAYE, have a PAYE Compliance review, a VAT inspection, or if HMRC gave raised questions about your accounts/tax returns.

​Tax doesn't need to be taxing! Be it income tax, PAYE, VAT or corporation tax. Good tax planning can make your hard-earned money work for you.

​Are you familiar with 7 years rule for non-domicile?

Contractor Solution

​From just £85 per month

​All contractors dream of a hassle free and tax efficient way of contracting.

​Why go through an umbrella company and have to worry about being hit by an IR35 fine and have to deal with deductions not being paid to HMRC?

Instead use our Contractor Solution package starting from £40/month, you get all the services required as a contractor along with 24/7 support.

Reg. Office & Co. Secretarial

London address from £5/month

Annual Return, maintenance of statutory books, dividend declaration, and more... If get a headache from thinking about all this then you should let us help!

Business Advisory Services

Help your business grow

Would you like to do business in Asia-pacific, Europe or America etc?

Do you need to buy an existing business?

Book-keeping and Payroll

​Outsource your book keeping to us

We can train and assist your in-house book keepers in dealing with excess work volume.

Outsourcing bookkeeping and payroll to us at very competitive rates will allow you to focus on other business issues, we will customize our package for you, the return on investment will be realised rapidly.

We can keep an eye on your cash-flow and overhead to help your business become financial-sound.